Friday, 10 February 2012

bang bang you shot me down

Having heard endless raves about The Bang Bang Club, a film that came out quite some time ago, I finally managed to sum up the time (no not the courage) to watch the film. The December break usually allows one to do the things we never make time for…so a thumbs up to me.

While not having much background on the content, besides that of being based around a group of photographers, I was immediately taken within the first few minutes.

The storyline is based on the novel by Greg Marinovich, one of the characters in the film, and how they, who called themselves The Bang Bang Club, photographed what was happening during the apartheid era. It most certainly is not your conventional film and exposes what South Africa was going through at the time.

Having cringed at a few of the graphic, violent and emotional scenes…it’s hard not to hand out 5 stars for being a gripping and unpredictable film that deals with raw content…something that I strive on.

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