Friday, 31 August 2012

summer snackin'

If you're somewhat starving and think you may not have anything rationed in your pantry, think again. Its amazing what you can come up with a little imagination and very little food. This post is slightly overdue due to this cheeseboard being scoffed in late December, but with spring and summer quickly creeping up on us, what better to serve it with than a glass of Chardonnay. Oh how i wont miss eating soup until the next winter season.

Cheeseboard includes: brown bread, tomatoes,breadsticks,blue cheese, feta, olives, preserved figs, organic blueberry jam

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Phoenix and the Birdy...


Both Phoenix and Birdy cover the song 1901. Theirs is more upbeat than Birdys version thats subdued and sombre. Loving how artists can alter the mood of a song, its quite incredible actually.

Tutti Frutti..

so...its that time of the year when...yes florals are all the rage.How original, florals for spring huh(anyone recall which movie I'm referencing this from). I on the other hand, was caught off guard when a bright Michelle Mason silk georgette dress caught my eye. and when i say bright, I'm not messing around. Finding myself drawn to neutral elements of an outfit with a splash of colour, both for winter and spring.

It really is such a feel good colour. and after the strange weather Joburgs been having, (please refer to my "snow day" post) i think I'm in dire need of anything feel good.

Friday, 17 August 2012

young love...

So it’s been a while since I was last at Neighbourgoods in Braams, and decided it’s about time I change that. The day was well spent, and to top it off, I found this couple sitting oh so photogenically on a street bench. This is one of my first few attempts at photographing street fashion so be easy on me, I’m still learning. They really did play so well with the camera and couldn’t help but feel like it was some sort of romantique shoot for a magazine.
Scotty Mthembu wears a Daniel Hecter collared shirt, redbat jeans and veldskoene
Gire Sekizengo wears Jennifer jeans from france and a coral Jimmy Choo sling bag.
This will definitely not be the last of my street endeavour. I hope my next victims are just willing to play along as well as they did.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Snow day...

Who would have thought just another Tuesday at varsity would turn into a snow day? certainly not me. Yes sure there was talk of it snowing but I lowered my expectations of this coming true due to it never snowing in Joburg. No really, last time it snowed in Joburg was 1981. This fact is true according to e news. Id never seen so many grown ups frolicking around in the snow like they were kids, it truly was something spectacular. As incredible as it was, I still cant seem to get over the fact that its August and it snowed. Either we are seriously being spoilt by a bit of snow or the earth is trying to tell us something. Regardless, it was a great day.