Saturday, 29 September 2012

Off to the BOS...

Setting up the BOS iced tea stand at Nasrec today. Should be a long an interesting day. Ill keep the photos rolling in.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sit up straight boy..

Iv been working on my BTech mini dissertation, Postural school furniture, since the beginning of this year, and frankly i wish id started sooner.  Cant actually believe how much work has gone into it thus far, and how much work has yet to be done, IN 5 WEEKS! On a the bright side, iv managed to source a couple of places that supply standard components that ill be using in the prototype. Pretty excited to see what i come up with. Whilst researching ball joint mechanisms, i stumbled across a stool that uses a similar approach, Line Depping's Maple Stool. It was simply quite beautiful and gave me just the right amount of inspiration to get back on track to where i need to be. Need to put my pedal to the metal and go go go.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

theres more black where that came from...

So, its that time of the year again where deadlines are crazy, and the people are even crazier. Been in quite the slump lately, so I thought id resonate that with a bit of black. or in this case a whole lot. Id do an entry on what assholes people can be, but that wouldn't make for a very appealing entry. Forgive me for my morbid state. The negativity bug has bitten me. Thank goodness i can pour every thought out of my brain and onto the Internet....oh what ever happened to privacy. On the upside, a whole 5-6 weeks left of BTech. If you'd have asked me but a mere month ago what my feelings about finishing and leaving varsity were, id probably have said id miss it all. And now? not so much. Actually not at all.


So much more to black than just a LBD





Friday, 7 September 2012

a shade of light...a shade of dark..

50 Shades of Grey….

Yes, that is currently the novel my nose is buried deep into. And it’s raunchy, very raunchy. But with this cold, wet and overcast weather, what better book to indulge in than the oh so scandalous 50 Shades of Grey by E.L James. The friend who so kindly lent me the book managed to read the 514 page book in just 2 days. I on the other hand have not been so successful. I find myself having to put the book down in the middle of a chapter and literally tell myself to “breathe” ( as Christian Grey, one of the lead characters in the book, says countless times to a Miss Anastacia Steele). Now I’m nowhere near finished, but do yourself a favour and beg steal or borrow the book…it really is worth it.