Friday, 23 August 2013

The 'Ties' that bind...

So as I was reminiscing and looking through old photos, I came across one I took of my dearest friend Alison, or known to each other as 'Ties'. Its quite a funny story how our nicknames for each other came about, but since then, that's what we and all our friends call one another. It can get quite frustrating sometimes when going on Facebook and typing "ties" into the search toolbar, when I should be in actual fact be typing in Alison.
Ties has always provided me with a bed when visiting Cape Town and  I think after the electric blanket caught alight with myself, Alison and Camilla inside, our friendship has never been stronger, or in this case hotter. Ties has the best taste in music and always draws her fashion models super skinny. Her and I have been friends ever since she told me about her 'penguin conspiracy' in high school. The end

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