Friday, 23 August 2013

Tomrrow, Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow...

I woke up this morning to grey skies outside, the best kind! I think the universe is preparing me for weather like this because things have really started to hit me today. Sometimes I ask myself " Tara, what are you doing?". I've never gone out into the big wide world on my own, and I can't even begin to tell you how hauntingly excited I am. Sometimes I don't even know how I feel, excited, overwhelmed, excited, scared. excited. As for how my close friends feel, they are probably sick and tired about hearing me go on about Holland. I don't blame them. The year my sister went overseas to au pair in New York, all she could do for the 6 months preceding up t the day of her flight was talk about it. I was quite ready to stick a pencil in my eye than have to listen to that. I was just jealous and I know it. But this time it's my turn. I printed out my flight details and stuck them on our fridge. This is what we do on my parents house whenever someone flies overseas and it felt like I had to document it just because.
My birthday is in the beginning of September, and I obviously won't be in SA to celebrate it
, so naturally my mom baked a cake for today and we will be smashing our faces in it later today. I can't wait.
Side note: am going to miss my Labrador, Keano, so much. I just thought I would share that...

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