Thursday, 28 March 2013

What do Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew have in common...

In case you didn't get the answer, it was that they solved things.

Which is what the Elle Decor Solve competition ,in association with Pick n Pay, is all about. With my evenings free, I thought what better way to fill my time than to immerse myself in more work (gotta keep yourself busy). I didn't enter last year due to the demands of Btech, but that's definitely not the case this time around. I've had a few concepts floating around in my mind but nothing of solid value just yet. I'm also going to be teaming up with my work colleague and flatmate to make the project that much more awesome.

Heres to a long weekend of design, food, friends and family. Oh and all the Easter stuff too!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Design Indaba 2013- Part(y) 1...

For years now I'v been talking about how I can't wait to get my butt down to Cape Town for the annual Design Indaba. Unfortunately, every year university scheduled deadlines for either the Friday or Monday of the Indaba weekend. Being the diligent hard working student I was, I had to put my trip on hold. For 4 years. and I was tired of it.

After completing my degree in Industrial Design at the University of Johannesburg I decided 2013 was going to be MY year. I'm going to do the things i'v always pushed to the side because of my studies.

My little adventure in Cape Town did not only include dabbling in a bit of kite surfing and seeing friends (see postcard from paradise post). My main intention was to experience what all the fuss about the Indaba was about.

So without further a due, let me begin (that was quite the introduction wouldn't you say?)

So naturally Haldane Martin was exhibiting at the Indaba. Showcasing his Source Chair range. A simple, minimal stand that incorporated the Plumen lightbulb illuminating his work and a splash of neon orange sprayed on the legs of the range. I wouldn't have dreamed of anything less from Haldane.

Nina du Plessis Interior and Product's recycled paper mache' lights had interesting geometric elements as well as a mix of different materials. An circulating trend I picked up at the Indaba was how designers were starting to use reclaimed materials as the basis of their products. Handcrafted's Stand was showcasing jewellery pieces made from reclaimed photographic waste silver whilst product and fashion designers were taking advantage of using scrap tyre rubber into their products.

Geometric shapes exhibited on pillow cases and a paper display showing Kerry Muller's love for Africa.

Kirsten Sims's quaint illustrations on canvas and paper.Her whimsical drawings make the everyday just that much more bearable with her cards and calendars.

Zayne Holl and Bradley Wedderburn's Mr Fox Furniture was selected as  one of the few Emerging Creatives for the 2013 Design Indaba. The duo specialise in designing and creating simple, functional Scandinavian-inspired pieces. What was interesting about their stand at the expo ,was that they had strategically placed a "hey there browser" sticker in full view of passer by's. What was even more interestign was that the "hey there browser" plaque was the last thing I saw when glancing at the stand. The sinple use of space within their stand and the aesthetic of their furniture and lighting spoke for themselves, so good job guys!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

All day long you'l have good luck...

I wouldn't regard myself as a regular reader of Miss Milli B's blog,, but I browsed through it yesterday when I should have been working and decided to just enter one of her competitions. I never really thought I would win. I'v never won anything. Except an Anastacia Barbie when I was 10, but thats besides the point.

So this morning I got an email informing me that im part of the "Winners Circle". It feels good to say that, and that I will be attending the ever so crazy party being held at Puma Social Club on Friday night.

So, if anybody is reading this, join me and my people for a night of frivolous fun.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


 photo taken with the  HTC Desire S- Instagram- Johannesburg- copyright Tara Deacon 2013

As the name suggests it all, I'm back at work, and as great as it is ( I love my team and my job..seriously)...I already feel like I need a  holiday. Lucky for me, this weekend is a long one, as is the one following. I definitely have plans to A) do absolutely nothing or B) take a trip to Kaapsche Hoop and do nothing there.

 photo taken with the  HTC Desire S- Instagram- Johannesburg- copyright Tara Deacon 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Apologies to the left, apologies to the right....

So now that im officially back to work I find myself  having less time to work on posts. Now I know thats not an excuse because there are the evenings and weekends...but Im finding myself trying to relax and do as little as possible away from work. Dont get me wrong, I actually love my job and the team im working with ,which is more than what most people can say about their day jobs.

What im really getting to is that I vow to update all posts on what went down at the Design Indaba as well as the Southern Guild Heavy Metal exhibition. And thats a promise... 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sneaky peaky...

So for all of those who didn't have the opportunity to go to the Design Indaba in Cape not fear! I came ready with camera in hand and eagerly taking notes in my Moleskine (which I actually lost in Cape Town over a year ago). This was my first ever Design Indaba and most certainly not my last. I picked up on a few trends circulating the floor as well as in and around Cape Town during my stay.

This post is however only a sneak peak at what I saw at the expo. I thought what better way to kill some time whilst waiting for my flight back to Joburg than to write a quick post to make the flight back that much more bearable.