Monday, 15 July 2013

A bit of Mexico for your Monday...

I believe I don't have a single negative thing to say about the branding, interiors and photography of El Montero by Anagrama. There is a common design language that is followed throughout all of the different elements, and not any of them seems out of place. All in all, a contemporary restaurant that embraces the Mexican culture and surroundings . I most certainly wouldn't mind having the zig zag chandelier in my house...
'El Montero, is a restaurant located in Saltillo Coahuila, a city very close to the Mexican northern border. Its kitchen represents the restaurant's surroundings as it is located on one of Mexico's deserts. El Montero's menu is inspired on regional food, integrating elements from contemporary kitchens.
The project was developed inside an edification from the colonial period considered national patrimony. The development was executed with respect and care toward its elements' - taken off Anagrama's website

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