Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What the holidays are made for #4...

I stumbled across this quote not too long ago and thought, wow...that really is true. To put a little bit of perspective on why this would be so applicable to my situation (without pouring out every last detail of my life on the internet), is mainly due to the fact that I have lost the one boy I have ever truly loved. I know that is as cliché as any rom-com movie will get, but to be blatantly honest, I couldn’t really give a damn. With next year looking very uncertain in terms of a job and where in S.A I will actually end up working, it’s been decided to cut off all contact with this anonymous young lad.
Oh how I wish I could be young and carefree and not have to make such responsible and grown up decisions that will impact my entire life…with this said I swear my next post will embrace the Christmas cheer, spirit and festivities (also on a more positive note, I’m off to Cape Town soon. That ought to cure the post lover blues!).
Ps. This post has been labelled under spaces, due to my current situation being in a bad one.

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