Monday, 17 December 2012

Rocking Cape Town 2012...

 As a few people who know me might know that Cape Town is where my heart really belongs. With that said, I thought it only fair to document my time here (although I’ve only technically been here for a day!)
The journey begins with a 4AM morning to pack the car and set off on the 2 day journey to paradise! Now I won’t go into too much detail with the drive there, because the Karoo can be quite baren. We did however stop over at a small town for a cup of coffee and the usual toilet break! A hospitable and humble gentleman helped us and shared a few stories too.

We didn’t do the trip in a full day, but split it up over two days, staying over in the small Karoo town of Prince Albert and boy what a gem this place proved to be! After much commotion trying to find a restaurant to eat supper at (it had been a long and cranky day folks) we found The Olive Branch. It’s a small little hideout owned by Bokkie Botha, who is also featured in the latest cookbook Karoo Kitchen (click here for link). Such a humble man whom also shared stories of the restaurant, his life and a few well known’s who have visited the restaurant. We also managed to walk the streets of the town and explore before heading off to Cape Town.
I’ve always enjoyed the drive down to the Cape and would trade flying for driving down any day. Watch this space for as many posts as possible, although I may be out doing awesome things and meeting awesome people before I get the chance to.

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