Friday, 4 October 2013



Things on The December Diaries front has been pretty quiet to say the least. I have good reason for this I swear. Life has taken somewhat of an unexpected turn. This is where PROJEKT.HOLLAND comes into the picture.

You see, I studied Industrial Design straight out of high school, and following 4 years of hard work, all nighters and pretty much a non existent social life, I went and did the socially accepted thing by getting a job. Life was somewhat on my side though due to my contract being a mere 6 months. Enough time to build up industry experience and make some hard earned money too. When I wasn't being productive at work, I was sitting daydreaming about Holland, bicycles, cheese and travelling Europe. Not a day later, the opportunity presented itself ,the only catch was being an au pair for 12 months, not something I ever thought id put down on my CV.
So here I am, as I write this post, in Holland living to what many refer may to as "living the dream". And that really is what I am doing. Despite the fact that I am not using the degree I studied 4 long hard years for, au pairing gives you what I call life experience. The travelling that comes with it doesn't hurt either.
PROJEKT.HOLLAND now serves as a platform to share my experiences, views, rants and ramblings whilst in Holland. Thus far Iv written about the food (bread bread bread) the places I have visited and yes perhaps one or two posts about the 3 boys I look after.
It may not be ' The December Diaries' but its pretty damn close....

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