Friday, 10 February 2012

Dishing it out

 I recently subscribed to’s daily emailing list and was blown away at the content of many of their posts. Throughout the Christmas period, I had’t chacked my email for quite some time and was overwhelmed by emails from the site. It was rather pleasant sitting for over an hour scanning through the content of the emails, many of them focusing primarily on architecture,  a field that I have taken on a new interest on.

The architecture of The Basque Culinary Center immediately grabbed my attention. The means in which each story and floor is layered and stacked gives passerbys the impression of stacked dishes and an imaginative glimpse of what might just be going on inside. I wont preach much further as after viewing the first image, I was somewhat disappointed at the building from the other angles in which it was taken. Regardless, I can still appreciate the building for what it is and the overall design.

Many of their most recent emails have inclued top ten most viewed public spaces of 2011, top ten most viewed housing units of 2011 and top ten most viewed temporary spaces of 2011. The perfect opportunity to brush up on my architecture.

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