Friday, 10 February 2012

Your friendly neighbourhood grocer

I could really do with a smack over the head for not getting to Braamfonteins Neighbourgoods Market sooner...i was completely blown away and had not expected what i had ( namely that of amazement and sheer joy).

 Crediting myself more not hopping over to the market in my pj's as the fashion sported by your everyday individuals at 77 Juta Street was beyond anything comarable to the fashion pages of Vogue. I managed to sneakily snap away at peoples flair for fashion...If only they knew their style was being raved about right in this very spot!

The variety of goods available is incredibly refreshing, as is a bottle of Bobs your uncle white wine! Bring some of your hard earned cash as you do not want to leave empty handed...or with an empty stomach.

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