Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rocking Cape Town: Day six...

As a normal day in Cape Town starts, it was already 11 AM. We decided to take a walk through Woodstock and go check out a few of the places that were still open. I popped into Woodstock Vintage only because i love a second hand bargain. I found a small leather camera satchel that was in pristine condish! i HAD to have it. Amongst the bags, suitcases and satchels, i found an identical snake skin bag that my mother had given to me! Mind you, mine was in far better condition.

The morning was followed by taking a quick squiz into William Kentridges new exhibition  "No, it is" at the Goodman Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Fairweather House in Sir Lowry Road. His contraptions are simply incredible, one even played a full musical piece on drums entirely reliant on springs and motors! He really is an incredible artist, I just must look out for more of his stuff!

We then met up with Haldane and Alison at The Deli  for a quick bite. Mind you, we stayed for over an hour catching up and listening to all of my dads stories abut diving. Plus the Deli's sandwich went down pretty well. Its strange to have sat down for a proper meal there when just 6 months ago i would run in, grab a coffee and run out again to finish all the interney stuff i was set out to do. How times have changed!

Of course my sweet tooth got the better of me and off it was to none other than Charly's Bakery. The bakery is absolutely overwhelming with swarms of tourists wanting to have a glimpse of the ever so famous bakery. I managed to squeeze myself in the line for one one their wicked chocolate cake cupcakes. Its was delicious...and a good way to end of the the day too...

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