Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I want to ride my bicycle...

A few weeks ago my room mate decided to buy himself a super hipster bike, a Schwinn. I wont lie, I would happily spend a couple thousand rands (if I had all that to spend freely) to ride that beaut of a bike. So he started riding to work on his bike, and naturally I was insanely jealous. After 2 weeks id had enough, I wanted to ride a bike to work too. Nobody likes FOMO (fear of missing out kids). Needless to say I brought my mountain bike that iv had since I was 10. Not half as hipster but a bike none the less.

I rode to work this morning on my not hipster bike with the wind blowing in my hair and my scarf flapping around. I cant quite describe how great it felt. I walked into the office with the biggest rush! I didn’t even need coffee. Now that’s what I call a great start to the day.




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