Monday, 29 July 2013

Cheese Heaven...

I think its safe to say that The Netherlands is exactly the right place for me, because of my love for cheese obviously And I am just itching to go to The Amsterdam Cheese Store. Rows and rows of wheels of cheese, wedges of cheese and squares of cheese, Cheese heaven I tell you. 

The interior of the store was designed by Studiomfd who wanted to retain and bring through the authenticity of the brand and 'the pure experience of this distinctive cheese' into elements of the store.

'Upon entering the store, the gorgeously aged materials of the interior form an invitation to visitors to enjoy the pleasures of the classic Old Amsterdam cheese. Pure materials with lots of personality, such as a wooden floor distressed with a saw blade texture, stairs and wall covered in white classic marble and a countertop of genuine Belgian granite. Foreign visitors can enjoy images of Amsterdam in a vintage-poster-style mural showing the landmarks of the city. Everything conspires to embellish the Cheese Experience.

At the half way mark of the shop, the floor changes into a black and white tile pattern and the materials become lighter. The lighter furnishings offer a framework for other cheeses, displayed on refrigerated table tops. The interior has been built in modular elements so that the entire retail interior can be moved easily to a new location. The result is a store that presents a dynamic staging platform of the history, the city and the character of the cheese'- Taken off  Retail Design Blog

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