Saturday, 18 February 2012

lana oh lana

Unforgivingly turning the channel to MTV might well have been the best thing I did all day. This intriguing little song was playing and was really quite a bizarre yet beautifull music video. Of course I had to wait for the pop up tab letting one know of the song and artist. Lana Del Rey’s video games. Being me, I googled her and her music…and what a looker that little lady is. Guess that’s a given since she’s on the cover of vogue.
 Her music has a real edge to it and I wouldn’t quite know how to classify it. It’s a bit popish but has influences if indie too. I’d go by her songs kinda outta luck and born to die..just to mention a few.

sources tell me she went by the name lizzy grant, a plain jane , then changed her entire image and name . clearly she did something right.

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