Thursday, 27 December 2012

Rocking Cape Town: Day four...

With the fantastic sunny weather at hand, it was off to the beach! Only the best will do, so in this case Clifton 4th beach! Camps Bay way was always way too commercial for us. We love the tucked away nooks and crannies that 4th beach offers! I'm lucky in that 1 day at the beach leaves me looking like a coloured, as you can clearly see from the photo. Yes that is me. looking like a dark stained piece of brown leather. But its working to my advantage, the Cape coloureds treat me like one of their own.

Most of the morning was spent relaxing on the beach, as one does, occasionally dipping my toes into the frigid water and fishing out ridiculous amounts of money for overpriced water. My sister and I also managed to slip in a walk to camps bay in search of frozen yoghurt. Much to our dismay there weren’t really any. We eventually found an ice cream parlour that in my opinion had pretty crappy ice cream. And at 20 ZAR a scoop I was close to throwing it in their faces. I didn’t. Pity though. It would have made an entertaining skit for onlookers.

After a long hot day at the beach I flung myself through the front doors of our apartment building only to see my close friend’s door open. I peeked through and found her sweeping an empty flat. She was moving out. We enjoyed a few laughs together followed by her ushering me to finish a glass of wine. She couldn’t dare speak of wasting any. I felt quite tipsy after. Which is probably why i can’t quite remember what we did that night…

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