Friday, 31 May 2013

Instant grass...

Its been an insanely draining week at work. Not because we've been particularly busy, but because engineering just plain old sucks and really does not stimulate the creative side of my brain. Every break I get, I scour the internet for a new blog or website, to fill my mind with beautiful and creative projects. One of which was this installation for 'Instant Grass' done by Nicholas Christowitz  and Angie Batis.

'I created this space with Angie Batis. We were approached by Instant Grass and asked to design their new Johannesburg Office. The budget was tight and we had to take various specs into consideration. The company's motto is "good behaviour" and we created a street-facing mural with pyramid lights to express this ethos. The team consisted of 6 people at the time, but could increase to as many as 30 on certain days. We had hexagon stools made that could work as a coffee table if placed together and provide enough temporary seating if taken apart. We commissioned a street artist to paint a mural of the employees. We helped design the centre-piece table and the bike chandelier that sits above it. We created a crate/shelf wall that we filled with interesting objects and books, we left half of the crates empty for them to fill as they saw fit' via Nicholas Christowitz's behance profile.

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