Wednesday, 5 June 2013

house on the hill...

Design boom is just the best, and it never fails to showcase superior art, design and architecture. Peter Zumthor's vacation homes in Leis, Vals, is no exception to this. One could basically deem the vacation home as a modern and contemporary cabin. I'm absolutely in love with the design and let me not even get started on the interiors. Looking forward to getting my feet in some snow soon (clue number two), and  I don't mean the hail in Cape Town.

'In the hamlet of leis, among the age-blackened dwellings of the swiss mountains, peter zumthor's two vacation homes open to the idyllic, often snowy landscape. zumthor ferienhäuser, the agency in charge of renting the sunny-hued holiday homes to willing guests, has shared exclusive winter-time images of oberhus and unterhus, the light and bright volumes embedded in the sloped mountainside. informed by annalisa zumthor's long-time, sensory-rich vision of a timber home, the architect designed growing family of homes as a composition of exquisite wood volumes, complete with recessed and generous apertures that immediately mark the landscape. the wide-grained cladding
follows a language of precise, seemingly hand-crafted finger joints. crisp vertices are articulated by the movement of light over the timber surface as well as the material palette of the changing seasons.'

annalisa and peter zumthor's vacation homes in leis, vals
image © ralph feiner
all images courtesy zumthor ferienhäuser

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