Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rants of a roommate...

So here's the lowdown:

I recently landed a job working for a firm close to the airport in Johannesburg. The other position was filled by one of the guys who studied with me but was a year below . I'd say we were fairly good friends, both being from Pretoria and all.

A relative of mine stays about 5km from my workplace and just happened to have a garden flat that they were willing to rent out. Its a 1 bedroom.

Because my 6 month work stint is all about saving money and costs, I decided to move to a less cultured area. To be even more money saving, my work colleague moved in too. half the rent, but also half the fun.

So I naturally got the room being a girl and all, and he moved into the 'living room area', which is actually the kitchen too.

That's pretty much the living situation. Oh and the fact that we see each other at home AND at work.

The blogs name is a pretty straight forward description of what exactly will be written There (and vented about). One might ask why Iv decided to dedicate an entire blog to this cause. The main reason being I have to air my frustrations somehow, and seeing as I enjoy writing and blogging, what better way to turn a frustration into something I enjoy doing.

'Rants of a Room-mate' watch the space...

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