Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Deserted in the desert...

I stumbled accross these images on design boom whilst supposedly doing research for work and thought they were super cool. Imagine the Tunisian Tribesman that might come accross this, and what he might think (aliens???).

"After spending over a month traveling around chott el djerid in tunisia, new york-based visual artist and filmmaker rä di martino has taken a series of photographs that capture scenes of abandoned star wars film sets. titled 'no more stars,' the images of her collection showcase the backdrop of luke skywalker’s home on the fictional desert planet tatooine. because the props were constructed out of mud, cement, MDF and aluminum, the particular hot and dry climate has helped keep many parts of the sets intact, or buried under the sand. After years of deterioration, the remains seem to appear like ancient ruins and archeological sites"

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