Thursday, 20 June 2013

the B team : The backpack

Because I'm going to be travelling very soon, a backpack is an essential item to stash all your stuff in, and I wont dare be caught in my grade 5 rucksack. No thank you.

So its time for an upgrade, and to blow some cash while I'm at, it and ROWDY's rucksacks was just what I had in mind. The INCA backpack is one of my favourites and I have been writing down a pro's and con's list of the bag. I'm not an impulse buyer at all and really narrow something down. Lets hope ROWDY'S Inca is the winner...

'ROWDY was started by 21 year old  Cape Town based creative, Nicholas Meinert. What began as a playful idea to create a classic leather rucksack, quickly turned into a thriving brand.ROWDY believes in authenticity and the search for all that is real. This is why ROWDY only uses genuine leather and materials, and all the skilled hands that craft each item are well rewarded for their labour. On a design forefront, ROWDY  believes that aesthetic beauty lies in simplicity and quality. We all have something unique about us, that something ROWDY. This  is shown in the design through subtle bursts of colour or bold print interiors.
The brand speaks to inspire individuals to stay classic, stay classy, but most of all to GET ROWDY!'- taken off their website

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  1. The ROWDY classic leather rucksack have quite similar feature like canvas leather backpack. But the difference between these two is that the later is much lighter in weight.Both will last for long life without fading.