Thursday, 20 June 2013

The B team...

We have this little thing going on at work, where we think ' the B team' is better than the 'A' team. let me explain.

So, the A team is regarded as the best of the best, and then you have to upkeep this standard. Thats alot of pressure for someone to cave in on.

Also, The A team happens to have the worst A words. example, Average, Asshole, Anonymous. you get the idea

 BUT (note the use of the B), the B team is simply the BEST. The guys over at work say its got Booze, Bitches and Bimbos, which makes them happy. But it got me thinking to dedicating a weeks theme to ' The B Team, Everything from backpacks and bottles to Braamfontein and beret's. All posts will naturally be kept classy, which means no booze, bitches and bimbos...sorry guys.

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