Thursday, 4 July 2013

Oi Chap...

Okay. So it's decided, I'm going with Chapel's Rider backpack as the lucky contender to accommodate me on my little overseas adventure. You may think "It's just a bag ,go on and buy the damn thing if you want it". But I've never been the impulsive buyer which is probably a good thing. I make a pro's and cons list, deliberate over it for months and compare it with other products. So the last thing on my list is which damn colour to go with. I'v been told countless times that us Industrial designer aren't very adventurous with our colour choices and "they're" probably right. But I like my neutrals. So I'm going to stick with them.

So whoever is feeling full of opinions today, tell me which one you would pick and why?

On a lighter note, here's how chapel came about...
'Chapel began when we started riding bikes around Cape Town and couldn't find a backpack that we liked and was made locally. So we mocked it up, tried it on our friends, and started production on what is now one of our best sellers, The Rider.

This idea of locally sourced material is our foundational value and governs the whole design process. Everything used to craft our products, from the leather to our fine woollen lining is made here in South Africa – and this core value creates the type of challenge that our team has a passion to solve. We keep pushing with what we've got until it meets our standards of excellence and durability'- taken off their website

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