Sunday, 18 August 2013

Farewell notes from friends...

I don't know what possessed me to host and organise a farewell. It's not for sissys let me tell you that. Half the day was actually spent running around like a headless chicken opening and sending off my guests. But you know what the craziest thing is, I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Seeing all my friends over wine and a braai was the perfect way to be sent off.

I invited a mixed array of my friends, some that I have known for almost 20 years dating back to pre school, primary school and high school days whilst others that I have known from my varsity years and through mutual friends. Although Most of my day was spent on my feet, the 'grapevine' told me that everyone had a jovial time with one another..whew!

I also got gifts. I didn't expect gifts but I like gifts. In our family we don't "do" gifts, so that moment of surprise when someone hands you one is just the best feeling in the world.
Chim, thank you for my farewell bracelet. I hope it keeps me safe on my travels and every time on look down at my wrist to check the time (the Dutch are very punctual) I will think of you. Although we have only been friends for less than a year, I feel like I have known you for a very long time. I so wish we had approached each other while we were still studying, we would have made such a great team!

Abby, what can I say. Our friendship dates back to Primary School  days and we have somehow managed to keep in contact and stay friends. I suppose this whole trip all started with you although you may not even know it. If I hadn't gone to One World with you, all the events that followed would never have happened and  I wouldn't be going where I am. Than you for the scarf, which is the most beautiful shade of yellow and grey, and the champers. I think I'll sommer pop it open before I board my flight!

Cecilia, I don't think I don't think I have ever received as big a bottle of wine as I received from you. I think this week will prove to test my alcohol tolerance, Thank you none the less. I will miss the very brief friendship we have had but will always remember all the effort you made and the coffee and drink dates where we poured our hearts out.

Cam, we have come a long way! Our friendship dates back to pre school days and play dates at each others houses. You have been such a good friend to me, and although we lost contact while in high school, it never quite felt as though we did. Thank you for the bracelet and the delish piece of fudge toffee, you sure know my where my weakness lies.

Alex, my dear friend. Your face always brightened up many a day in the testosterone filled hallways of the I.D department. Your effort in our friendship is something I truly value, and something I will never forget about you always say the sweetest things about me, and I wish you luck with everything you do, you are one feisty gal.

Sarah, my gorgeous friend. Our friendship has also been one dating back to primary school days. I always had such a great time with you and am going to miss you pretty face. Remember to "sit like a lady"...

My Cousins, Tarien and Mariska, for being the best cousins a girl could ask for. The world had better watch out for The Deacon and Van Heerden sister duo because we are on a roll!

Michael, I too have only known you for less than a year but your super chilled vibes and willingness to always go out and have a good time will be missed.

Graeme, I am going to miss our strange conversations about the world, design, music and architecture, but, I will see you soon, in Europe nogal.

Cara, my dear friend who I have known for such a long time. I am going to miss our chats and giggles and how you always told me you can't stand stupid people. We have had some good memories together and always think of you when I walk past 'Lucy' our wendy house...

Willem and Jurie, you guys are hilarious and I wish we had become friends sooner but alas, we will see one another at the Commonwealth games in Glasgow next year yes? Thank you for the wine, Its going to build up my tolerance nicely before I head over to The Netherlands..

and last but not least, the one person that too has made such a big impact on my life thus far, W.J Pretorius, but to me you will always be my Will. I don't even know where to start, there is just too much to say. Our friendship has been one that I will forever value. I have never had a friendship that has been so true and genuine and I can only hope I will find that In Holland. Thank you for all the photos, which is the best gift of all...

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