Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Plastic not so fantastic...

With a freelance project I recently took part in, in association with Capsule Projects, a small budget resulted in me having to look at using waste materials as my medium. Plastic coke bottles being the item of choice. Everyday after work I went and collected hundreds of bottles from Enviroserv, a waste management company that sorts rubbish into its respective recycling category. Each new day I went, there were more plastic bottles than the last. Sometimes I wonder where all the waste goes, well now we know. Kim Preston's photographic series 'Plastic Pacific' makes one have to take a second look and realise its plastic items floating around in the sea, with a lot of Photoshop too I suppose.

'Plastic Pacific by Kim Preston is a series of photographs meant to make us more aware of the ever growing pollution of our oceans with trash.
Inspired to educate viewers, she addresses the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a mass of plastic waste currently floating in the North Pacific. Alluding to the threats this problem brings, Preston cleverly transforms everyday household objects into the sea creatures likely to be affected'- off Dejoost's website

All images © Kim Preston – Website

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