Tuesday, 3 April 2012

one wild ride...

Although the name sounds deceptively deceiving (well in my case it was), I gave myself the idea, purely based on the title, that it was another documentary about the penguins or birds or plants. This was most certainly not the case. Based on real life events, as all movies are these days, the movie follows Christopher McCandless on his journey Into the Wild.

Although my only perception of the film before watching it was based around nature, I was truly blown away at the content.  McCandless graduates from university and traipses all along America, with his ultimate destination being Alaska. However, the means in which he does it is so carefree and untroubled. He gives his life savings to charity, burns the remainder of his earnings and tears up his social security card. His fearlessness in the film is somewhat inspiring in that he gave up everything. Now I like stuff and I don’t regard myself as materialistic but I like stuff. I am an industrial design student by trade so I’m bred to make stuff and then buy the stuff and then design more stuff. But watching this truly embedded the desire to drop it all in a heartbeat.  In a way, the film reminds me of my dad when he was a carefree bachelor, travelling and generally just living the dream.

I’m no Barry Ronge, but this was one bloody good film.

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