Monday, 8 October 2012

Just do it...

and did it was exactly what i did. The Nike Run Jozi 10km that is. What a day it was! To avoid traffic, we took the gaitrain from Rosebank to Sandton, and thought we'd be the only ones clever enough to think this plan through. Boy, were we mistaken. The underground of the station was filled with runners in their black and neon shirts. It really felt like we were this exclusive and secretive running club taking the underground to the race! When we arrived at the race, it looked as though we were a kilometre from the ACTUAL starting line! We only started moving 15 minutes after the starting gun had gone off. So lets just minus that from my finish time. Which was slightly dismal, but taking the fact that there were thousands upon thousands of runners crammed in the narrow streets of Alexandra, id say and 1:30:10 isn't half bad!

Running through the streets of Alex really was a breath taking experience, and so was the smell. No really, the smell of sewerage is littered across the entire area. And we just had to run through it. Regardless of the smell, the people of Alexandra were cheering the runners on, shouting and singing and blowing their vuvuzelas. I suppose the day was just as much as much fun for us as it was for them. Looking forward to the next race! Kudos to Nike for organising the hell out of this race, a definite two thumbs up!

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