Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Go big or go home..

Jamie Oliver's Big Chair Project is truly inspiring!It’s a great way to get artists, designers, illustrators and decorators to collaborate both creatively and towards a good cause. The idea behind the Big Chair Project is to raise funds for Jamie Oliver's Fifteen apprentice programme. The initiative, which trains young disenfranchised people to become chefs, celebrates its tenth year in the running.
With all eyes on Cape Town, and the rest of South Africa, holding the title of 2014 World Design Capital, a collaborative project just like this would really showcase our design talent. Possibly using a traditional African item of furniture or craft? I really think we could come up with some super creative ideas that could bring the design industry together as well as contribute to a good cause for charity.
Getting back to The Big Chair Project, Fritz Hansen's Ant Chair provides the blank canvas for each designer to customise with their own personal style and medium. The outcome from the participants ranged from quirky and fun to crazy and outrageous. One entry even exhibited the entire surface of the chair being covered in coloured plastic forks. Good luck trying to sit on that.


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