Saturday, 8 June 2013

Something different..

Confirming that I am "sick" might be a bit melodramatic. But I do have the scratchiest and firiest throat ever, and my neck up feels pretty numb.

I have therefore commanded myself to bed rest because I have a lot of cooking to do tomorrow, and I don't want 'flu' to ruin my chi! If anybody out there is actually reading this, then they might know that its not very me or ' December diaresey' to just write about me, and my day and being  sick in bed ( what a boring fucking theme). But I feel very compelled to write about something other than design, which consumes my everyday life. Iv also decided to write this post on a more personal level because after trying to read a mere 4 pages of Casey B Dolans autobiography-  An appetite for peas. I almost puked.  I'm not even exactly sure who she is. Regardless, I needed something to read.

I wish I hadn't found it .Its absolutely horrible. I don't know who in my family decided to buy the book and leave it lying around, but good lord, don't leave things like that scattered  around the house for people to find. Rather burn it. yes, burn it.

 The way the book is written is that typical cliche style, where they describe the flavour and taste of their skin and 'gently caressing her neck'. what a shitty book.

Alright then, rant over.

On a positive note, I decided to be somewhat semi productive in bed and learn Dutch. How random is that. But having quite a few friends from The Netherlands, I got a good understanding of the language, and how hauntingly similar it is to Afrikaans. With the exception that Dutch sounds like someone regurgitating lazily. The Dutch folk just love listening to Afrikaans, they think its simply the best thing since sliced bread.

and that concludes the post 'something different'. I will now resume back to writing about what makes me truelly happy.

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