Monday, 22 July 2013

Present in the post...

It's not very often that I receive something in the mail, let alone a large package, so this just made my day. Sent by Chapel- Quality Handmade Goods, a beautifull light grey Rider backpack presented itself in this unassuming brown paper bag. Oh how beautifull it is. I am just itching to try it out on my bike, really putting its name 'Rider' to good use.

The detail in the Rider backpack really sets this bag apart to purchasing something at just another store.The Chapel label is beautifully printed on brown card, with product details sewn on another. I fished through the inside of the bag when another surprise caught me off guard, a personal handwritten note on gold card with  their logo so humbly placed in the top right corner. I most certainly will enjoy the bag, thank you Chapel!

They really put a whole new meaning to making their products special and personal for their clientele', something i could most definitely live by. Now I want one in every colour...

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