Friday, 25 January 2013

+27...the Cafe, not SA's dialing code


+27 Cafe is a mere 5 minutes away from my Pretoria home, yet in all the time I have lived there, I kept telling myself I’d pop in. I never did. Until today! I could kick myself for not getting my butt over there sooner for a cup of coffee even if it was only every once in a while!
The front of the cafe suggests a small, regular coffee shop, but as soon as you walk in, the trendy waiters whisk you to the courtyard where there’s an abundance of benches, shade and an all round awesome atmosphere (not to mention the free wifi).
I was tempted at the thought of having a coffee which is supposedly fantastic, to opting for a cooler beverage due to the sweltering heat. A pink grapefruit soda from their newly branded Soda bar managed to cool me off.
I vow I WLL go back for their coffee! Not only because the barista suggested it, but also because they were featured in The Coffee Mag (click me!) as a top 6 café to visit.
+27 café definitely make the cut on my top 6 places to have coffee

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